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Our Team

Laurent de Brabandt

Founder and Chairman

Philanthropist and world explorer Laurent de Brabandt has worked to encourage and implement sustainable tourism since his early teens. He has most recently been awarded the 21st Century Icon Award for his activity in working towards human development goals in 2018. He has been a pioneer of a collaborative approach with governments and hospitality groups to promote sustainable tourism and has overseen projects within that sphere in over 30 countries. 

Charlotte de Brabandt

Board of Directors

Keynote speaker and technology expert Charlotte de Brabandt leads the research team within the foundation. She has accumulated diverse experience in charitable and philanthropic projects over the past decade, and has been honoured for her efforts from various institutions.  In her function she focusses on making use of her know-how in scaling innovation within the application to maximise the success of our supported projects. 

Claudia de Brabandt

Board of Directors

In this capacity Claudia de Brabandt manages the administrative and financial functions within the organisation. She is supporting the development and implementation of philanthropic and program investment solutions to counter the negative effects of tourism and other environmental stressors that have the potential to be involved in our projects. She has been at the forefront of various internationally set philanthropic activities, and continuous to do so with the foundation's focus at hand.

Frederick de Brabandt

Board of Directors

With over 30 years of experience within policy, nonprofit management, and partnership development, Frederick de Brabandt has worked to foster dialogues and build consensus amongst diverse environmental stakeholders throughout his career. His aim is to develop innovative approaches to mitigate the negative impacts of the tourism industry, and promote a welfare multiplier effect that takes into account all stakeholders such a marine and wildlife, the environment and the local society.

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