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Travel Right

Shaping the future of sustainable travel for everyone


The Situation

The De Brabandt Foundation believes in the power and importance of travel.


We have a shared responsibility to the next generations to create a more sustainable future for destinations;

for their communities, ecosphere, and travellers alike.

We advocate and support projects that have a positive impact on what is affected by the tourism industry, and that harness the opportunities that it can enable.

Th Situation

By 2030


people will travel

An estimated


USD to the global

economy in 2022.**


1 in10

of all jobs globally are travel

The personal choices each traveller makes are important, but there is more: it is about a major shift in the way the world travels. With our insight want to assist and encourage local communities, hospitality groups, and governmental entities at a destination to play their part and set the scene for sustainable tourism.


of global travellers think travel
companies should offer more
sustainable travel choices.*


species per year are being

driven to extinction**


of people said that it's important to them that their money they spend on travel goes into the local community.**

*According to the World Bank **According to the UN World Tourism Organisation ***According to the World Travel and Tourism Council


Travel right

What sustainable travel means to us


Protecting Wildlife

We want to ensure that people are able to see and enjoy the amazing wildlife our planet has to offer that also to make sure that our presence can be used for good, protecting plant and animal life conserving natural resources


Our Mission

Travel is an incredible gift. It has the ability to open our eyes to the unique cultures and beauty of the natural world. But with this gift comes a responsibility - to protect the world as we know it. Tourism can bring much needed economic opportunities for local communities and funds for conservation. But, when not well managed, it can create long term problems for local residents and the environment. 

To achieve this, we support tourism stakeholders such as hospitality and community groups, to create systematic change in the way that tourism is approached and managed. Bringing together stakeholders to develop practical solutions which maximise the benefits and minimise the negative impacts of tourism in destinations will be approached by:

  • Identifying, measuring and managing the impacts of their tourism activities.

  • Embedding sustainability into core policies, supporting frameworks and operational practices.

  • Sharing the results of their work with their peers and competitors, inspiring change in others.

One Earth Awards

The De Brabandt Foundation sets the scene for healthy tourism, which our generation desperately seeks. Sustainability should no longer be a mere statement to make, but manifested in the daily actions within institutions.


Cara Delevingne

Actress & Eco-Warrior

Misty Forest

Foundation Gala

The annual De Brabandt Foundation Gala last took place on the

2nd June 2022 at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It was hosted in support of the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, a unique initiative in the region to rescue and rehabilitate critically endangered sea turtles. It brought together international industry leaders and sustainability advocates, shedding light on the project and the wider importance of tourism as a vessel for positive change.

Next year's Gala is in full preparation and will take place in July at the home of an exclusive Champagne House in Épernay, France.

We welcome potential initiative and partnership opportunities.



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Our Team


Laurent de Brabandt

Founder and Chairman

Philanthropist and world explorer Laurent de Brabandt has worked to encourage and implement sustainable tourism since his early teens. The Harvard Business School graduate has most recently been awarded the 21st Century Icon Award for his activity in working towards human development goals in 2018. He has been a pioneer of a collaborative approach with governments and hospitality groups to promote sustainable tourism and has overseen projects within that sphere in over 30 countries. 


Charlotte de Brabandt

Board of Directors

Keynote speaker and technology expert Charlotte de Brabandt leads the research team within the foundation. The London Business School graduate has accumulated diverse experience in charitable and philanthropic projects over the past decade, and has been honoured for her efforts from various institutions.  In her function she focusses on making use of her know-how in scaling innovation within the application to maximise the success of our supported projects.


Claudia de Brabandt

Board of Directors

In this capacity Claudia de Brabandt manages the administrative and financial functions within the organisation. She is supporting the development and implementation of philanthropic and program investment solutions to counter the negative effects of tourism and other environmental stressors that have the potential to be involved in our projects. She has been at the forefront of various internationally set philanthropic activities, and continuous to do so with the foundation's focus at hand.


Frederick de Brabandt

Board of Directors

With over 30 years of experience within policy, nonprofit management, and partnership development, Frederick de Brabandt has worked to foster dialogues and build consensus amongst diverse environmental stakeholders throughout his career. His aim is to develop innovative approaches to mitigate the negative impacts of the tourism industry, and promote a welfare multiplier effect that takes into account all stakeholders such a marine and wildlife, the environment and the local society.

Our Team


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De Brabandt Foundation

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